Knitted Meerkats - HELP!


Here are some questions we have been asked about the book, if these don’t ask your query, please drop us an email using the link below.

Q:  What is Fingering yarn?

A:  Fingering is the American term for 4-ply, commonly used to

describle sock yarn.

Q:  What are chenille sticks?

A:  Chenille stick is an alternative name for a pipecleaner.

Q:  What are 2.5cm diameter coins?

A:  This one’s easy... it’s a 2 pence piece.

Q:  What is lace weight yarn?

A:  This is very fine yarn used for knitting shawls and lace.  The yarn used in the book contains kid mohair and so is slightly ‘fluffy’

The yarn is used double to make it roughly the same thickness as a 4 ply yarn.

Q:  How many meerkats can I get from one ball of main colour?

A:  You can make two adults and two babies from one ball of yarn but if you are careful, you may get a third baby.

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